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Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi Marriage

Sonia Gandhi’s real name is Antonia. Consequently, by her father Stefano Maino has given her name Sonia. Sonia Gandhi before marriage Rajiv was not only friend she was considering those days. She was considering that he was a very good friend or more than a friend for her. There some situation created in which Rajiv quickly married Sonia Gandhi thirty-eight years ago on 25 February in a catholic church at orbassano it is controversial although it was his private matter, which has no populace significance. However, what is the populace importance is that mother of Rajiv Gandhi was primarily dead set adjacent to the marriage for the reasons acknowledge to her, moderated to grasp a registry wedding with Hindu traditional lodging in new delhi. Some Sonia Gandhi marriage photos showing that how much she glad when she married with Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot of Indian airlines and his younger brother was Sanjay Gandhi, who had enter the flicker world of political affairs and was intermeshed in different scandals, and his brother led a slump profile life. Rajiv is too described as polite person who have excellent manner. After the death of his brother in1980 in air crash, Rajiv entered in political world. Sonia angrily opposed to Rajiv Gandhi when he entering the politics. Rajiv himself is supposed toward have been hesitant firstly answer to Indira Gandhi's call. A writer who wrote Rajiv was hesitant to take a free fall into political world still although he realize that he might be not contradict his mother the assistance which she required and was requesting for. Finally, the delicate and not so delicate stress to have its consequence along with this Rajiv joined the grand Indian political spectacle pave the way eventually for Sonia's entrance into the politics after many years. While Rajiv was initially acclaimed as "Mr Clean" His status was soon spoiled by a humiliation surrounding the procurance of giant guns, which was from Swedish defence firm Bofors. You can see in Sonia Gandhi photos before marriage that how much she charming and attractive with doe eyes and a shy person.


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